Sabine's smiling horses - Pitufa - our sweety

mixed Pony and Horse

Pitufa - all at a sudden she was there in front of our house. Christmas 2003. Her mother is a very little horse and her father a Shetland Pony Pinto. She was an accident in the field. She turned out great.


For her age 1 1/2 years (24.12.03) she is extremely cute. She measures 1.02 m. After 2 weeks she lost most of her fear and so I sat my 2 year old daughter on her back for a minute.

Sabine's smiling horses

Pitufa is now in 2007 a full member of the riding program for children and my daughters favorite to ride.

baby pony Pitufa 1
baby pony Pitufa 2 baby pony Pitufa 3
grown up and first time mother at age 7 years.

Here he is Chico 21.08.2009 

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