Smiling Horses Monteverde

the Continental Divide Ride is only for experienced horseback riders  

- look out to the Volcano and Lake Arenal -

Arenal Volcano Lookout point

Horseback Riding in the Monteverde Cloud forest region is unique -  you will always remember this horse and forest experience.

The horse takes you up into the mountain ridge and you ride along the continental divide, reach some lookout points to the Volcano Arenal and the Lake Arenal.

Smiling Horses in the Cloud ForestMonteverde Cloud Forest waterfall Paraiso

Smiling Horses in the Cloud Forest Monteverde

With mist and clouds it gets a different memory, very mystic and it has something of a fairytale.

In either case you will never forget the Cloud Forest of Monteverde in Costa Rica. 

Depending on the weather you like to enjoy outside

The Arenal Volcano view is spectacular.

You need to be lucky!



Experienced rider in the Cloud Forest


The Cloud Forest Tour takes about 5 hours.
The horseback riding return trip it will cost $ 125 US.

Minimum of 2 experienced riders - only with reservations

Depending on interest and experience we offer the 2 hour campesino tour at $ 50 US or day ride for $ 125 US per person. 

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